Working with us

We are a network of independent consultants and do not have any employees.

Jigsaw members are expected to have at least a degree level professional qualification, and several years experience of successful provision of high profile consultancy services with a strong emphasis on quantitative analysis.

The key qualities that we look for are:

  • Quantitative skills
  • Clear expression both verbally and in writing
  • Range of experience
  • The ability to work without supervision
  • Clear focus on the matter at hand
  • The ability to establish good working relationships with the Jigsaw team and clients

The bulk of the work that Jigsaw undertakes covers operational research and analytics, statistical analysis, and quantitative modelling, but a wider range of skills and experience is sometimes needed.

New members are normally drawn from the professional contacts of existing members. However, Jigsaw is always interested to hear from potential members who meet the above requirements. If you are interested send a CV to membership&#64jigsaw-consultants&#46&#99&#111&#46&#117&#107