Analytics and OR

Operational Research (OR) uses mathematical or computer models, or other advanced analytics approaches, to improve an organisation's performance and service delivery. The scope for application of such methods is extremely wide.

Jigsaw can:

  • Help provide a clear definition of the decision problem
  • Review viable approaches to solving the problem
  • Identify the best approach
  • Create a model to represent the decision problem
  • Gather data and use the model to evaluate alternative courses of action
  • Contribute to the successful implementation of the agreed course of action
  • Produce a computer system and documentation to enable the methodology to be absorbed into the business, if required

Jigsaw consultants have an exceptional level of OR expertise, gained from many years practice within the private and public sectors. We are accustomed to working with senior management to develop and implement pragmatic solutions.

Jigsaw services include the following OR methods: