Assessing the value of CCTV

Client: A rail organisation

Problem: The Chief Executive was keen to establish how effective CCTV was in clearing up crimes which had taken place on railway stations, with a view to enabling rail companies to take the results into account in their CCTV installation decisions.

Approach: As little data was readily available, Jigsaw contacted BTP which collaborated in providing access to CCTV operating units at several rail stations and to officers who had arrested suspects so that crimes recorded on CCTV could be tracked through to arrest. A sample of cases where CCTV had been provided was analysed and statistics were compiled regarding the number of cases where the CCTV had/had not been useful. Indications of why some cases had been more successful than others (eg cameras badly sited, lighting poor) were included in the report so that management could take appropriate action.

Benefits: The report was presented to a meeting of rail company crime experts who were asked to take note of the findings and recommendations.

Contact: Sue Merchant