Matching volunteers to charities

Client: Reach: an organisation matching skilled volunteers to charities that need them

Problem: Reach wanted to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the labour intensive matching processes which would free up resource and allow them to develop more value adding activities

Approach: Jane spent a day interviewing staff and facilitating focus groups with teams of matching staff and IT support. She work shadowed one of the ‘matchers’, and discussed potential measures of impact with the Research and Business Analysis Manager. She examined available documentation, collated and distilled the information, and discussed issues identified with  a process improvement expert.

The report

  • Identified short term efficiency improvements
  • Recommended additional value adding activities
  • Identified ways of measuring impact
  • Recommended a roadmap for moving to a new service delivery model



  • A new perspective on current processes, helping develop, challenge and validate internal thinking
  • Skilled staff  freed up to deliver more value, through early implementation of one process improvement, and planning for more
  • Reach services better targeted and marketed, through improved impact measurement

Client comment: “Consultant approached the issues from a holistic point of view and homed in on key issues. Very thorough and professional. Some very useful new ideas which we will explore.” (Director of Services)

Contact: Jane Parkin