Sophie Carr

scpicBays Consulting Ltd
07788 643751

Maths, analytics, big data analysis, business intelligence – numbers might not be your favourite subject.  However, the truth is that numbers can give your company the advantage it needs for success. The techniques used to give you insights and predictions can be simple or complex but both can bring surprise and delight. What information, insight and understanding do you need to formulate and link your operational and strategic plans? I can help you build datasets, develop models and create analysis plans to give you the trends, insights, values…the nugget of information needed to impact your bottom line. I have over a decade of experience providing both public and private clients analysis and information to drive decisions and results.  Using structuring and facilitation techniques to understand the problem, I have undertaken analysis including: time based trend analysis (what happens over time and how the trend might alter in the future); causality and dependence analysis (cause and effect between variables); a range of statistical analysis (significance, confidence limits, distributions…) and many more.  The techniques, results, and their impact will always be clearly explained, because as Albert Einstein once said “if you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself”.

Her key skills are:

  • Business and financial modelling
  • Problem structuring and decision analysis
  • Statistical analysis (Bayesian statistics and Bayesian belief networks, uncertainty, visualisation of uncertainty)
  • Bayesian Belief Networks
  • Identifying and shaping customer needs
  • Study design
  • Facilitation and problem structuring
  • Applied mathematics (trend analysis, regression)