Other public sector

Licence demand analysis

Researched the factors influencing licence demand for the Security Industry Authority, and developed a series of models to improve demand forecasting, capacity planning and budgeting.

Information management

Led a team of statisticians to develop and maintain a suite of audit, performance management and decision support tools to enable clinicians and NHS managers make effective use of information. Also documented and mapped data capture and validation processes and recommended improvements.

Workforce planning

Developed a computer model to help determine recruitment and promotion strategies consistent with future year targets for staff numbers by staff type for the Department of Health.

Performance monitoring

Developed a performance monitoring system for the HM Revenue & Customs Knowledge Analysis and Intelligence group.

Strategic review

End to end review for the Inland Revenue of the recovery and enforcement strategy and its alignment with departmental policy. Developed a new strategy that involved a major change in the way business was conducted which led to a very significant reduction in debt outstanding.