Strategic planning

Review of OR Services at DETR

A team of 4 Jigsaw consultants carried out a Better Quality Services review of the provision of Operational Research services for the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. The objectives of the review were to determine if there is a requirement for an operational research service and, if so, how that service should be delivered. The Jigsaw study team investigated the current portfolio and organisational structure of the existing operational research unit and assessed the appropriateness and quality of their work. Interviews were conducted at senior level across the department and its agencies to establish the potential demand for analytical support and the extent to which the existing unit was meeting this. The Jigsaw team recommended retention of the existing unit supplemented by consultants where appropriate, which would be funded by charging for services where appropriate.


Review of Drug and Alcohol Specific Grant

Jigsaw carried out a review of the Drug and Alcohol Specific Grant for the Department of Health. The review involved interviews with policy staff, local authorities, voluntary organisations, drug treatment services and a focus group with drug users. The report evaluated the effectiveness of the grant system, identified problems and made recommendations for addressing them.