Making the best decisions

Some decisions are easy. We don't even think about them. We choose between cornflakes or muesli, orange juice or apple juice, tea or coffee. These decisions don't take a lot of time or thought and we don't expect to have to justify them afterwards. Business decisions are usually more difficult and have significant consequences: which contractor to select, which vehicles should be included in the fleet, where to site delivery depots or manufacturing plant, what capacity the business should have. These decisions will have to be justified to others, and might be the subject of detailed scrutiny later on. And it usually will take a significant amount of effort to collect the information needed to make the decision.

How Jigsaw can help:
We can help your business or organisation to understand its decisions. We can help you structure your decision making and support it with tools that both simplify the process and provide a rigorous and auditable basis.

Why us:
Our strength is in our ability to offer exceptional value for money in providing a professional decision analysis and support service, without the overheads of a large organisation. We will work with you and your team to structure the decision process but ensure that you remain in charge of decision making. We will leave you with tools to ensure auditability and repeatability of the process.

Case studies: