Improving business performance

Many of our clients want to develop the capability to improve their performance without being reliant on external consultants. Of course, there will always be specific improvement projects where it makes more sense to buy in expertise, but developing an in-house capability should be a priority.

How Jigsaw can help: Through a combination of workshops, coaching and mentoring we build clients skills to:

  • Define, analyse and solve problems using practical well-proven tools
  • Drive out waste from business processes and drastically reduce cycle times
  • Embed management by fact and evidence-based decision making into the daily work of managers and staff

Why us: We're not just trainers. We're practitioners with the ability to transfer our skills: those who can, those who can do really well, teach. Whereas most consultants seem to get a buzz from being clever, we get a buzz from helping other people to be clever.

Case studies: