Reward management

Typically an assignment will involve a number of steps that may include:

  • Evaluating the existing pay and grading system, including holding consultation sessions with stakeholders
  • Developing a strategic framework for the new pay and grading system and establishing criteria for the design of the new system
  • Developing a new reward system meeting the criteria
  • Obtaining agreement on a preferred proposal
  • Designing, developing and testing the model(s) including collecting and validating personnel and payroll data
  • Advising on the effects of different options and ways of mitigating unwanted effects
  • Developing an implementation strategy
  • Developing and agreeing a staff communication strategy

We work collaboratively with the client making them aware of developments ensuring the new system meets their requirements.

The main benefits of this approach are:

  • Ensuring the reward system meets management requirements and supports delivery of the corporate plan
  • Enabling management to compare the cost of multiple options
  • Developing an implementation strategy meeting the pay remit
  • Greater understanding of the effects of pay changes
  • Providing evidence to support negotiations with HM Treasury and trades unions

Examples of Jigsaw reward management services.